Creative Direction


It is all about people. In evolving work environments, complex business situations and accelerating global markets, the people in the different positions of an organization are the crucial point to success and sustainable developments. Our culture is created by the people working with us.


A new business culture in the 21st century can only be appropriate if it is adapted to the reality of society and business and offers relevant solutions which keep the future development of our planet in mind. Fundamental questions as to how important social processes can be designed, what products we really need and how we can design in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner must be the absolute priority in the economy of the future.


Communication skills are some of the most important skills that you need to succeed in the workplace. It can take a lot of effort to communicate effectively. As either a speaker or a listener, you are responsible if that the message is communicated accurately. Communication (Latin commūnicāre, meaning "to share") is the act of conveying intended meaning to another entity through the use of mutually understood signs and rules. True communication is a dialog, it is open to the result.



Design Thinking

Design is attitude. It is closely connected with innovation, since technological progress cannot always  be communicated through innovation. While technology becomes less visible, design is a symbol of progress, newness and added value, hence positively influencing customers’ buying decisions. Innovative design stretches through all levels of corporate communication, which makes it a crucial factor for economic success. A lot of companies are aware of the benefits of good design, but more companies should act with these benefits in mind.


Good time management means identifying what's most important. Particulary in times of acceleration in workaday life, make time your friend, not your enemy. Don't create impossible situations and slow down, when necessary.